About Us




Huawin Precision Ltd. was established in 2014 and combined technologies from Swiss and Taiwan. Our R&D team came from the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), and cooperated with well-known Taiwan national universities through industry-academia collaboration to develop our brand. Our products include CNC ball screw grinding machine, CNC worm grinding machine, CNC gear form grinding machine, CNC internal/external cycloid gear grinding machine, CNC internal/external spline grinding machine, CNC hobbing machine and CNC worm milling machine, etc.





With expertise, technologies and manufacturing experience, we can produce custom-designed machine according to customer’s needs. The development of grinding series machines is toward more optimal product design: the workpiece axis is designed with DD motor + RCN2000 series encoder without backlash. The important linear axis is equipped with a linear motor + THK precision linear guideway + HEIDENHAIN optical ruler to make the linear movement more precise and accurate. The internal/external cycloid gear grinding machine and the internal/external spline grinding machines are both equipped with Renishaw automatic tooth alignment and measurement functions to increase efficiency; and the final precision measurement can ensure stability of the machines. Siemens controller with intelligent human-machine interface input makes the operation more user-friendly. We believe that above-mentioned high-level functional design must be able to achieve high precision product development and production.


With expertise and enthusiasm, we supply machines with high quality, reliability and service support at reasonable price. Therefore, we have a large customer base from machinery/equipment manufacturers, gear processing factories, reducer manufacturers and other industries. Among customers, you will find Mirle group, Delta Electronics, Taiwan Industrial Machinery, Ta Tung Gear and SUNUS Tech, etc.


In the future, Huawin precision will work with global business partners to promote Huawin brand to the world, and supply our products & service according to customer’s requirements.